Extramural Consular Days in Cleveland in two locations

    2017. May 5. @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
    St. Emeric Church
    1860 W 22nd St
    Cleveland, OH 44113
    Egyesült Államok
    The Consulate General of Hungary in Chicago
    (312) 344-1290

    Extramural Consular Days in Cleveland, Ohio (May 5-6. 2017)


    The Consulate General of Hungary in Chicago is organizing extramural consular days in Cleveland, OH on May 5-6. 2017. 

    The primary task of the consular days is to bring the simplified naturalization process and the possibilities provided by the “Magyary Simplification Program”, by overcoming distances closer to those US citizens of Hungarian origin whose interests have been raised.

    The simplified naturalization process means a solution first of all to those citizens of Hungarian origin who or whose ascendants lost Hungarian citizenship for any reason (territories detached from Hungary, deprivation of citizenship etc.).

    Visitors can ask for information about other issues beyond simplified naturalization process.

    The Consular days take place at the following locations:

    1. May 5th
      First Hungarian Reformed Church
      14530 Alexander Road, Walton Hills, OH 44146,
    2. May 6th
      Saint Emeric Church
      1860 West 22nd Street, Cleveland, OH 44113.


    Appointments shall be made at:

    Phone: (312) 344-1290

    E-mail: mission.chi@mfa.gov.hu

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