St. Stephen Day Hungarian Festival

    Dear Friend and Supporter of Hungarian culture!


    This year again, as we have done last year, we are planning a Hungarian Festival in honor of St. Stephen Day, the greatest Hungarian holiday.  The goal of this celebration is twofold, to preserve our Hungarian heritage and to share these beautiful traditions and customs with those who value the ethnic diversity of Cleveland of which the Hungarian community is a large part.  We would like to make this year’s festival even more attractive and colorful than last year’s, so with that in mind, we are looking for festival patrons whose support would ensure the quality and high standards of the programs. We wish to offer the best to all who are interested in and who value our Hungarian cultural and gastronomical treasures.


    The proposed programs will begin Saturday, August 18, on the St. Emeric church grounds and will include the following:


    Our star performer will be Attila Laszlo who won the “Star is Born” Award in the Hungarian talent competition of 2011.  There will be live music all afternoon by the Harmonia Ensemble playingwell known Hungarian melodies, and a Hungarian folk and classical concert in the evening by the Üsztürü Group from Hungary.  In addition to  displays of Hungarian folk art to admire and some to purchase,  dance performances by the Scout Folk group, and learning about our Christian heritage, there will be delicious foods to savor — goulash, Transylvanian ragout soup, chicken paprikash, elephant ears (lángos), stuffed cabbage, pork and sauerkraut, sausage, wienerschnitzel, array of specialty pastries, and crepes.  There will be more information and details on the flyers and the ads on the various websites.


    The program events will close on Sunday with the celebration of Mass and agapé afterwards.


    My respectful request to all my friends who like and value these traditions to support our endeavor in so far as you are able by your presence on August 18 and 19 at the Hungarian Festival!  Please consider  becoming a patron of the event, if you wish,  by filling out the form found here and returning it with your contribution by the date indicated on the form. Also, please feel free to make copies of the patron form to pass on to others who may be interested in becoming a patron.


    Thank you for your kind consideration,


    Father András Mezei

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