Táncház with Fokos folk orchestra

    Fokos band was founded in 2010 in Óbecse. Permanent members of the band are Zsombor Cseszák, Péter Jovánovity, András Szabó and Balázs Szerda.We were four-time champions of the Middle Schools Art Competition. In 2012 we reached the semifinals of the prominent Fölszállott a páva folk talent show, broadcasted and organized by Duna Television, and received an award from the city of Óbecse for making its name known. We also received a special award from Fonó Zeneház (best known folk dance and music organization in Budapest), which included 50 hours of studio work, resulting in the CD, “My young age to adult age” (Kiskoromtól nagykoromig). Since 2012 we have published three additional CD’s: “In my good mood” (Jókedvemben), and folk legacy recordings of the music from the towns of Törökkanizsa (Törökkanizsa község népzenei hagyatéka) and Óbecse (Óbecse község népzenei hagyatéka).
    We regularly give concerts, play music in dance houses, and accompany dance ensembles in the Vajdaság (northern part of Serbia with Hungarian ethnicity) and Hungary. We performed several times in Macedonia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, as well as in the United States for the first time in 2018. Our crowning achievement of 2018 was winning the Final of the Finals competition of the Fölszállott a páva  folk talent show, in which the finalists and semifinalists of the last few years’ shows try to outdo the others. Our goal is to acquaint a broad audience with Hungarian folk music, especially the tambura music of the Del-Alfold (southeastern Hungary). We would like to become a role model for the young generation and show that folk music is not history observed through glass cabinets in a museum, rather it is live, timeless, future-proof, and eternal. Last but not least, we would like to educate and teach the future generation to make sure we have followers to take the baton.


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