Csibi LorándI was born in Gyergyóditró, the most populous village in Székelyföld, but we soon moved to Csíkszereda with my parents when I was 3 years old. In my early school days I have accumulated quite a number of teacher’s notes much to the chagrin of my parents. Despite of the fact that school required mandatory home reading assignments,  playing football was my number one activity, which  I pursued  with great fervor along with my friends weather permitting or not. I married young which resulted in divorce and having a little girl to support. While raising my daughter, providence brought me a lovely wife whose life was marred by a family tragedy. Thus we have united two half families into one, given that, now I also have a son. The four of us have been living together in Cleveland in our new country since 2001.

At first we were concentrating on mere survival and the integration into a new life in a new country, but it was and still is very important for us to preserve our Hungarian heritage, and ethnicity. I always wanted to give to community. Therefore,  I undertook the editorship and co-management  of Bocskai Radio. Hopefully, through this medium we can significantly contribute to the survival of our Hungarian ethnicity respectively heritage through language retention, and by understanding our literature, our past, and our great history. That is the reason why we endeavor to provide every Sunday substantive, interesting programs as long as there is a demand for such.  However, I am extremely glad to observe that the demand exists in deed.

Truth above all!


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