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The Consulate General of Hungary in Chicago in collaboration with the Hungarian Communion of Friends (MBK) and the Bocskai Film Club cordially invites you to watch Béla Bagota’s film: Valan. Given the current corona virus situation the highly successful production can be viewed free of charge in Hungarian with English subtitle with the generous support of the Hungarian National Film Institute (NFI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, on NFI’s Vimeo channel on May 16, 2021.

On the same day, on May 16th at 7pm (EST) [6pm CST és 4pm PST] a Zoom meeting will be held to discuss about the film. The discussion will be in Hungarian and it will be moderated by Dr. Peter Kovalszki president of the Hungarian Communion of Friends.

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Please fill out the following form to get the access link and password to watch the movie and participate in the Zoom meeting.

ATTENTION! Publishing the password publicly and downloading the movie is copyright infringement! You can easily share this unique opportunity by sharing the link to this page with your friends.

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Valan (Valan)

(2019, feature, color, 97 minutes, DolbyDigital)

Péter investigates a sex-trafficking ring as a big city cop in Brasov. He has dedicated his life to finding women who have disappeared, and he sees his sister Juli in every girl he saves. Juli disappeared twenty-two years ago in their hometown, Valan, in the ensuing chaos of the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

Péter has to return to the Transylvanian mining town after receiving a phone call that the body of his sister might have been found among the pines on a snow-capped mountain. His personal investigation in Valan not only forces him to confront a crime rate that is stifling the town, but it also takes him back to the labyrinth of the past where he must face his own demons.

Director of photography
Production company



Best Director Béla Bagota

Best Screenplay Béla Bagota


Best Cinematography Dániel Garas


Best Screenplay

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