Molnár Zsolt

I am a hardened child of Székelyföld forged by the anvil of time and the hammer of fate. While in high school, after handing in some sloppy work, my teacher taught me a poem by Attila József “Be not flighty”.  Ever since, the lines of his verse have left an indelible mark on my memory.

” … It’s worth to do the work accurately, neatly, as do the stars of heaven”

After graduating from István Báthory high school I have earned a degree at the Technical University of Cluj economics-mechanical engineering. After college I started my own business enterprises in Transylvania and in Hungary.  In addition, I did some part time community work as well.  I served as chief editor of a weekly newspaper published by a Baptist congregation at Cluj. After the revolution in Transylvania, I was the first to organize a large-scale, multi-day youth assembly, with more than a thousand young people attending.

I came to the U.S. in 2005 with my wife to get to know the country of opportunities. Here, too, I started my own business in a short period of time. An accident at work led me back to the school benches, where I learned to become a web programmer. Through all this I became more and more integrated into the life of the local Hungarian community.

ReklámTas J Nadas, Esq

I have been a technical producer since 2012 at Bocskai Radio, where in March of 2013 I also undertook senior administrative functions. I set up and operate the Bocskai Radio’s website, which is currently the most visited Hungarian website in Cleveland. I also send out the weekly internet newsletter to the listeners covering the latest news and information.


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