The United Hungarian Societies held its annual meeting on Saturday, January 18th at 10:00 am.

There were present 32 delegates from local Hungarian organizations. The session was officially opened by Michael Horvath who thanked all the delegates for their hard work and dedication to the Hungarian community thus contributing to the retention of its ethnic identity.

The meeting continued with itemizing the diverse Hungarian events – a vast list, organized and held by the diverse local Hungarian societies and organizations in 2013. The treasurer’s report was presented by Andrea Lazar.

Közérdekű hirdetés

At the meeting the “Bocskai Radio” became an official member of this long-standing organization.

Seven new officers were elected who vowed to duly fulfill the responsibilities of their office and to carry out their tasks to the best of their ability. The new leadership is composed of the following:

President:         Valarie Ratonyi-Nagy

Vice President:  Marika T. Megyimori

Treasurer:          Andrea Lazar

Secretary:           Péter Tapolyai

Notary:               Marika S. Megyimóri

Auditors:           Elemér Mészáros  & Sándor Varga

Afterwards, Dr. Endre Szentkirályi gave a slideshow-presentation dealing with population statistics of Hungarians in America and Hungarians living in the Cleveland area, which will be subjects of his soon published two books.

The Bocskai Radio’s representatives gave a short update regarding their accomplishments in the previous year as well as saying a few words about the upgrades/updates of the www.bocskiradio.org  website.

Every organization gave a short narrative about their association and presented a summary of their plans for 2014. The meeting was concluded with a comprehensive view of how the various Hungarian groups work together.

We hope to have many-many Hungarian events to report on in the coming months!

Please visit the United Hungarian Societies’ new website at www.hungariancleveland.org



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