The largest and oldest association for Republican youth in the United States has awarded Prime Minister Viktor Orbán the John Foster Dulles Award which is given to those who take up the fight against communist forces – announced Balázs Orbán on his social media platform.

The Prime Minister’s political director also posted a video from the prestigious event where the Hungarian Prime Minister was praised for being a dedicated defender of the Hungarian nation – including both for the Hungarian people of the mother country and those Hungarian people living outside of Hungary’s borders in the Carpathian Basin, ripped away from their homeland by the Treaty of Trianon.

“He reformed the Hungarian media landscape to ensure that it serves national interests and not the interests of internationalist elites. He built a security fence along Hungary’s southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

ReklámTas J Nadas, Esq

He created a tax policy that embraces natalism reducing taxes substantially once families have three or more children.

The overseas elections that return results in one day and which have been more closely monitored by international observers than any other in the European Union.

He opened Hungary’s arms to communities torn away over a century ago and allowed them to repatriate to their homeland. And he gave George Soros the boot.

– they stated at the New York Young Republican Club’s 110th anniversary gala, describing Viktor Orbán’s achievements.

The Prime Minister’s award was received by the Hungarian ambassador to Washington DC. Szabolcs Takács thanked the club in Viktor Orbán’s name and he outlined the successes and pillars of the Hungarian governments’ conservative policy over the past decade.

Click HERE for a video of the award presentation.

Photo: Viktor Orbán (Photo: Fischer Zoltán)

(Magyar Nemzet)


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