Barabás Lőrinc Hungarian jazz trumpet player and producer will be on tour in the US between 16 November and 6 December playing in New York and San Francisco.

Occupying a musical world on the border of jazz, world music, electronic music and pop, Lőrinc has published six albums through his career, all of them exceptionally well-received. Originally educated in jazz, he also draws on a wide range of influence from Bartók’s music to Native American culture.

The classically trained Hungarian trumpeter and composer showcases his versatility in style and elevation of classical jazz in a new era that fuses many genres of music from electronic, to pop and Euro-house, layered with synthesizers that perfectly blend the analog and digital worlds together to create a sound ripe for this generation.

Where many think of a one-armed trumpet player as impossible, Barabás Lőrinc can only imagine himself as “I’m Possible” in his seamlessly effortless stage shows and musical productions, where he takes on the roles of artist, producer and composer, whether in collaboration with a live band, as a one man band or scoring for films.

Having many generations of painters and sculptors in his family, Lőrinc’s affinity to visual arts is important. He describes his music as “playing with shapes and colors”. Lőrinc chose to concentrate on the trumpet, going on to make his mark in the world of music. Lőrinc has performed in Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Paris and Moscow, played at the Montreaux Jazz Festival and at the North Sea Jazz Festival among others. He spent years in London and lived in the US as well.

Barabás Lőrinc in his musical formation and collaborations shows that he sees no borders when it comes to the art of music because music is truly a universal language that cuts across all man-made boundaries, limitations and labels.

Lőrinc is unstoppable in his zeal to present the sounds of his city Budapest and classical trumpet around the globe as he seeks more collaborations and fusions worldwide. Barabás Lőrinc is definitely an artist to watch in 2017 as he continues to shine his star power on the world, one tour at a time.

You can meet him and feel his illuminating power both with his solo act and with local musicians in various formations in the US.

Barabás Lőrinc Live Act

Trumpet player and producer, Barabás Lőrinc, has been a mover and shaker of the improvisative music scene in Budapest. Over the past decade his club events and bands provided fertile ground for kindred spirits experimenting at the crossroads of jazz and electronica. He gained wider international recognition on events such as the Montreaux Jazz Festival, iTunes Festival in London playing with Valerie June and also shared stage with the likes of Thievery Corporation and Bonobo.

His solo project blends dance grooves, meditative moods and all the shades in between. His live performances always have the excitement of a journey through unexpected modern tribal landscapes.

The unique repertoire of Barabás Lőrinc’s solo set is based on the concept of Elevator Dance Music (2015) and Sastra (2013) albums. On the stage he juggles keyboards, trumpet, effects, laptop and a loop station accompanied by cinematic projections.


Shakal Beats (solo)

121 (solo)

Subrail (solo)

Elevator Dance Music (2015) –

Sastra (2013) –

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