For the little amount of chocolate we eat, we are almost a major world power in the field of chocolates and sweets, as Origo reports. Yet another gold medal!

Although the Hungarians are not famous for their affection for quality sweets, Hungarian chocolate manufacturers are fairly active and pretty successful.

ChocoMe was awarded with its second gold medal at the world-championship final of the most prestigious professional competition, at International Chocolate Awards. Therefore, the best nut and milk chocolate sweet is officially Hungarian. As always, the world-championship final and the announcement of the results were held in London as part of The Chocolate Show.

Közérdekű hirdetés


The exact product is the Raffinée Piemonte hazelnut, covered in ground Ethiopian Harrar coffee and hazelnut flavoured milk chocolate.

“The Raffinée product was awarded as the best at the Eastern-European regional semi-final a few weeks before the finals, so it could be seen that we were going to be in the top three, but I did not expect to get the gold again after winning last year.” says Gábor Mészáros, owner of chocoMe.

The committee consists of the most reputed foreign chocolate manufacturers, gastronomical experts, sommeliers and chefs. The chair of this committee is Martin Christy, founder of the award and editor of the chocolate degustation site Seventy % – one of the greatest chocolate experts today.




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