The tenth stop of the Equestrian Theatre of Komárom’s North American tour was in our white, snow-covered city, Cleveland. The organization and preparation of many months prior brought the news of the program to the wider Hungarian community, from which many had already ordered their admittance tickets in advance.

With great interest, we followed the program series organized by Pongrátz Entertainment from their very first performance, and our radio program’s employee, Zsolt Molnár, continually kept in touch with the group. We were able to reach the operetta’s director and group’s head, György Derzsi, between performances via telephone, when Zsolt Molnár also spoke with him. (in Hungarian language)

In light of what has been said, we tried to finalize every little detail surrounding our role in the Cleveland performance with the utmost attention, and we awaited Saturday evening with much excitement. The finishing touches were witnessed by a few spectators who had arrived early and who, together with us, were looking forward to the upcoming performance with impatient curiosity and anticipation.

Behind the stage, the Cleveland Scout Ensemble stood ready together with the performers, who were only waiting for the signal to begin. To the enchantment of one’s eyes and spirit, one could see from behind the curtains rows filled with viewers, which helped us to decide that the time to begin had arrived.

Közérdekű hirdetés

The Cleveland Scout Ensemble’s female participants at the performance of John the Valiant


The Cleveland Scout Ensemble’s male participants during the performance of John the Valiant

In the auditorium, the lights dimmed, upon which the clamor in the hall immediately faded and the first voices of the Scout Ensemble arose. Afterwards, the spotlight was centered on John the Valiant. In the hall, all eyes, from those of the little ones to those of the older ones, focused solely on the happenings upon the stage.

In the center of the stage, Iluska (Zita Prescsák)
The stepmother (Athina Papadimitiu)
Bagó (Vadkerti Imre) és John the Valiant (Derzsi György)
The French princess (Mondok Yvette)

At the end of the last song, five hundred men sprang to their feet at once, cheered, and applauded for several minutes with gratitude and appreciation for this tribute to the perpetual masterpiece of our Hungarian literature that was worthily portrayed by this performance. The actors, in turn, came down from the stage in their authentic costumes, to the great delight of many children, who were able to take pictures with their favorite cast members.

The jubilant 500+ Cleveland audience after the performance of János Vitéz
The actors of John the Valiant with the organizers, András Pongrátz and Loránd Csibi (on right)

The audience slowly, very slowly trickled home, with many people forming groups around each of the actors while talking, taking pictures, and inquiring about their lives. Komárom Equestrian Theatre is a very genial, endlessly humble, modest, truly professional group of actors, artists, and singers. We are very thankful to everyone for offering such a memorable experience for both young and old alike.

The actors with young fans

More pictures can be viewed on the Bocskai Radio’s Facebook page. The pictures were taken by Zsolt Molnár.

Post translated by Nicholas Boros


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