Last night legendary American heavy metal band Metallica hit the stage for the sixth time in Budapest at the Arena and surprised their fans with a Hungarian song: Robert Trujillo bass guitarist and Kirk Hammett guitarist performed Hungarian rock band Tankcsapda’s song,A legjobb méreg. In Hungarian.

The audience has expected that the band will play an iconic Hungarian song at the concert as they have played local songs at their previous concerts as well, for example in Vienna, they performed Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus, but not even Tankcsapda members knew that they chose this particular song as their Hungarian concert’s surprise.

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Tamás Fejes, drummer of Tankcsapda told Hungarian news portal Indextoday that they have heard rumors about Trujillo thinking about a Tankcsapda song as a surprise, but it wasn’t officially confirmed before the concert. He added that the band chose the song based on the views on YouTube and A legjobb méreg is really popular on the video sharing site.

ReklámTas J Nadas, Esq

We did not want to comment on the rumors, because we weren’t sure about the song, there was a concert where they haven’t played any local songs. We went to the party, hoping they will play something Hungarian, but we were sure if they’ll do, it will be a Tankcsapda song.

According to Fejes, lead-singer and bassist of Tankcsapda Laci Lukács, who celebrates his 50th birthday this year was in tears when Trujillo started to play the song.

Metallica also supported the Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány, a Hugarian foundation, which supports children’s dining with a large donation. According to the foundation’s Facebook page, members of the band provided them with HUF 4,25 million (~13,000 EUR).

Metallica started their world tour last September with their latest album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct with the Norwegian band Kvelertak. The Hungarian concert was sold out in minutes. Each ticket came with the album in digital or CD format.




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