Parliament has voted to lift the immunity of LMP lawmaker Márta Demeter on Friday, with 131 votes in favour and 52 against.

The two-thirds of votes cast followed a call by public prosecutor Péter Polt for Demeter to face criminal prosecution. Demeter stands accused of disclosing confidential military information on social media.

Last October, Demeter submitted questions to the interior and defence ministers asking them why a minor named Flóra Orbán, whom Demeter had wrongly assumed to be the prime minister’s daughter, had been allowed to travel on an Airbus operated by the Hungarian army.

Demeter said she was ready to defend herself in court. She insisted that her “case of high treason” was aimed at intimidating deputies “so that they are discouraged from asking questions and from controlling the government”. She added that she had been doing her job by asking questions, and she called the charges against her “baseless”.



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