There are not many movies about the First World War, at least not Hungarian ones. Few films were made during the 30’s but no one remembers or has ever seen them. During the socialist era just a few scenes about the First World War got into the movies.

And usually the Hungarian film-making industry is not famous for its combat scenes and action movies. But now a film called Szürke senkik (Grey Nobodies) is probably going to pioneer in this field.

The movie tells the story of five Hungarian soldiers who are fighting on the Italian front, behind the enemy lines. This core of the story could make the movie interesting. Everything can happen in the enemies’ territory, and trouble always follows the soldiers. Additionally, the battles are intense and realistic in the movie.

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Among the characters is a professional soldier called sergeant Fodor who is interested in the outcome of the war. The others just want to get back home in one piece. The soldiers are Hungarians, Austrians and Romanians. All of them speak Hungarian and German and this is the only connection between them to feel some fellowship with each other.

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(The Grey Nobodies is going to be shown on 16th December 16 PM, and 17thDecember 2:50 AM on Duna Television or streaming will be available on the website of Mé

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