Dear Hungarian Americans!

The leadership of the Magyar Club of Dayton, Ohio, accepted the request of Reverend Laszlo Papp, Pastor of the Roman Catholic Parish in Marosvásárhely (Targu-Mures) to conduct a  fundraising to contribute to the cost of the feature film of the life of Bishop Marton Aron. (See details on

Közérdekű hirdetés

The President of the Magyar Club, Michele La Flame has formed a four member committee to target Hungarian organizations, churches and individuals for donations. The Marton Aron Fund Committee is authorized to raise funds until December 31, 2016 and then to transfer the collection to Transylvania (See The Film was originally proposed by college students, who are members of the Mustarmag Association. Kindly make checks payable to the Magyar Club of Dayton with a memo indicating Marton Aron Fund and mail it to Magyar Club of Dayton c/o Thecla Batin, Treasurer, 7130 Cotton Wood Road, Celina, Ohio 45822.

The Committee thanks you for your donation,


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